Star Necklace
Star Necklace

Star Necklace

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Sterling silver plated stainless steel pendant, sterling silver 18" chain, 1.3" extension chain.

The STAR necklaces are inspired by the difference connection can make. When you wear this necklace, you are connected to a woman trapped in exploitation who has been given the inside piece by Eden Outreach.

Handmade with hope by a rescued woman, your necklace carries her story of courage into the world. The inside pendant that fits your necklace brings a message of hope into the red-light districts of Asia.

As we enter the darkest brothels to identify and help trafficking victims, we give the women we meet delicate necklaces as a symbol that they are cherished and deserve love. As you think of the woman who shares your necklace and tell this story to others, you are living a commitment to change the world one necklace at a time.

Proceeds from sales support global anti-trafficking efforts.