She Believed Necklace

She Believed Necklace

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Words on pendant: 
"She Believed She Could So She Did"

The real secret to empowerment is knowing that you have the ability to ignite a flame in all of those you touch with your embers. All it takes is one spark – why not be that ‘one’?

We grow up in a world that tells us what we can’t be – we live in a world desperate to tell us who we are before we have discovered ourselves. The time is now to remind other women of the power we harness, and to unleash it in ourselves. Inside every girl is a diamond core of strength that helps them achieve anything they put their mind to.

Wear this stunning mantra necklace and let these words be your anchor and your reminder that you have the strength and the will to do what it takes. There is nothing that you can't accomplish if you put your mind and heart to it. Always believe that you can, and you will!

Proceeds from sale will support global anti-trafficking efforts and help to secure holistic employment and freedom of women who have been exploited.

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