PRESALE: Reasons to Live: One More Day Every Day Vol. 3 Bundle (Book, Bag & Necklace)
PRESALE: Reasons to Live: One More Day Every Day Vol. 3 Bundle (Book, Bag & Necklace)
PRESALE: Reasons to Live: One More Day Every Day Vol. 3 Bundle (Book, Bag & Necklace)

PRESALE: Reasons to Live: One More Day Every Day Vol. 3 Bundle (Book, Bag & Necklace)

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It’s here!!! After much secrecy, I can finally share with you the exciting news that I am 1 of 10 people worldwide to have been selected to have my life story published in the globally renowned series: ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day’ by best-selling author and book coach Jas Rawlinson.

Jas and I partnered together last year to write, edit, and professionally publish my life journey and the experiences that propelled me to address the issue of human trafficking and to set up Generation 414 for the final volume of ‘Reasons to Live’ - which is a book series filled with inspiring, courageous stories of people who have found joy and purpose after adversity. 

Featuring 10 stories of triumph over adversity, as well as expert interviews with wellness and trauma recovery advocates and specialists, ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day,’ is more than a book…it’s a movement with the power to save and change lives.

The book has already been endorsed by major news outlets like New Idea and News Corp Australia. It has also received rave reviews from influential figures like Kevin Hines (internationally renowned suicide prevention speaker) and Shannon Molloy (award-winning journalist and editor at

Reasons to Live: One More Day Every Day Vol. 3 Bundle inclusive of: 

  • Volume 3 book (signed chapter by Christine)
  • Survivor made bag (to succumb is to fail) 
  • Survivor made necklace (my story isn't over yet)

The bundle will be packed by Generation 414 and sent out globally end of June 2021. Survivor made items are sourced from It's not OK Project.

Proceeds from sales of bundle pack will be donated to Project Respect to fund their support for trafficked victims in Australia. 

What people are saying about Volume 3 of 'Reasons to Live'

“Wow, what a powerful book. I couldn’t look away. In a time when millions of people around the globe are going through some of the biggest struggles of their lives this book couldn’t be more timely.” - Hannah Stenning, Head of Video at News Corp Australia

"Reasons to Live’ is an antidote to so much of the hopelessness that is facing our world. It shows that no matter what has gone wrong there can still be hope and the chance for a better life.” - Michael Hempseed, TEDx Speaker & Author of ‘Being A True Hero: Understanding and Preventing Suicide in Your Community.

Book Synopsis:

A young girl, groomed into the sex industry...

A child's abuse and adversity that propelled her to address human trafficking... 

A champion water skier, placed into a coma and left with a permanent disability after a freak accident…

An educated, established woman living ‘The American Dream,’ yet struggling with a secret addiction...

And one theme that connects them all: resilience, and a determination to not just survive but also thrive.

Described as life-changing, ‘unputdownable,’ and refreshingly relatable, ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day’ is more than a collection of stories. It is a movement that has inspired and changed the lives of thousands worldwide with its first two volumes. 

It is a must-read book for anyone searching for hope, purpose, and reasons to live one more day, every day. So whether you struggle with mental health issues yourself, or you support a loved one who does, I encourage you to grab a few copies of this book. You just never know who is waiting for a message of hope from one of these stories.