Our Story

 Generation 414 is a social enterprise offering organic, ethical and fair trade items handmade by survivors of trafficking, providing them with dignified employment and personal development opportunities. We partner with She Rescue HomeNightLight International and A21 in their anti-trafficking efforts. Our work supports the recovery, education, and training of women from Cambodia, Thailand and India who seek an alternative to the sex industry. 
Besides our range of accessories, apparel, and bags, Generation 414 actively advocates for the abolishment of injustice through various workshops, public talks and fundraising initiatives. To stay updated with our latest events, subscribe to our mailing list and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram

Generation 414

The name behind Generation 414 comes from the book of Esther, chapter 4, verse 14:
“If you keep quiet, the people will perish. You were born for such a time as this.”
Generation 414 is about a generation rising up and speaking out about the injustices of the world. It’s about being the voice for the 45.8 million adults and children whose voices have been trapped in slavery around the world today. In the brothels and factories, hidden in the shadows. It’s about being the voice for the change we wish to see in our world.
Generation 414 was birthed out of the anguish of founder Christine Teo.
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