True Love Orphanage Fundraiser

True Love Orphanage looks after neglected children and orphans because it believes that everyone is deserving of love, no matter who they are and where they come from. At present they have 23 children away from the city in the poorer part of Yangon. True Love Orphanage provides food and shelter to the orphans and also try their best to provide them with education. 
True Love Orphanage envisions to provide the best care for the children and aims to help them develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Many children in True Love Orphanage dream of a good education and an opportunity to a better life, and you can help them get closer to their dream. 
Of course, children can learn a lot about art by themselves, even without appropriate education; however, without your help, the children will experience the lack of needed education. Their interest and enthusiasm for learning will go a long way, but on the other hand, your support will provide much needed resources to go along with their natural skills and motivation. 
By making a purchase on one of the items below, know that your support will directly assist a meaningful cause that seeks to make a positive change in the world. With your partnership, True Love Orphanage will become a great starting place for young children to flourish! 
*Please note that store is currently closed and items will be posted out after Easter*