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While many people are staying at home, there is an increased risk for online exploitation, especially among children—which is why it's important for you to know how to stay safe online.

A21's newly released Parent Guides will help you start conversations about human trafficking with young children and teenagers—sharing online safety tips while also unpacking what human trafficking is, how to identify it, and how to prevent it. 

Parents Guides

It is so important to teach our children about human trafficking, and A21 have put together the Parent Guide for Kids and the Parent Guide for Teens to help you get started. These guides will give you conversation starters, topics, and tips and equip you with protective action steps to safeguard your child from human trafficking.

1 in every 4 victims of modern slavery is a child. Using these parent guides, will empower you and your children to prevent human trafficking before it even begins.

Quick Facts:

  • Parent Guide for Kids is written for ages 6-12
  • Parent Guide for Teens is written for ages 13-17


  • What is Human Trafficking?
  • Conversations— Human Trafficking Talks
  • Online Safety Tips
  • Protective Action Steps

Download Parents Guides for Kids

Download Parents Guides for Teens

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