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How human trafficking works - told in four minutes. What can you do about it?

This video was made by MTV Exit earlier this year. In four short minutes provides a sobering overview of how human trafficking works. As of today 30 Dec 2015 there has been close to 1.8 million views on Facebook. So what does what does 1 million views and counting tell us? That the video production is brilliant? Yes but more importantly, that it clearly strikes a chord within us. The reality of modem day slavery is not an issue that is far away in a third world developing country. It happens every day in our own backyard. Are our eyes and hearts open wide enough to notice what is going on around us or are we too consumed with our...

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Future of Leadership Youth Forum

Founder of ‪‎Generation 414‬ Christine Teo was invited as a panel speaker to speak into the lives of and to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. "Together we can be a generation that will rise up, say no to social injustice and make a positive difference in this world that we live in." You can read all about it by clicking on the link below:

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