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(Originally written by Raphael Lim on 19 Sep 2016) 

With the current economy not likely to see light anytime soon, it becomes likely that more people will tighten their purse strings and become more selective over which charities to contribute to. So the question then becomes what other ways can contribute to society and have that feel good feeling with what I have to give? We had spoken with Christine Teo from Generation 414 an advocate against human trafficking to understand what needs to be done and have came up with simple steps on how to improve communities and the people around us.

Don’t Judge just Listen

It’s easy to judge the circumstances on how people have gotten to the state that they are in. Those who are forced into prostitution for example are put in a situation where they find it hard to find an alternative exit to their current source of a stable income. Giving a listening ear to those who have lesser than us opens up doors to offer hope and these may sometimes lead them to seek alternative help for their situation knowing that they have a community to support them.

Go Local

Helping out in your community is one of the easier ways to help those around you in need. Finding outreach communities that require your help such as soup kitchens would be a good way to volunteer your time instead of simply donating money. Most communities are looking for volunteers who are willing to share their time.

Find passion

As with everything in life find a charity that you find interest in. The list of charities and communities that require your help are endless and ranges from supporting army veteran communities to helping children find temporary foster homes. Whichever you choose you will be changing someones life in some way or another.

Speak up

Lastly always remember which ever charity that you choose to support to always be their voice! Charities that are more vocal about their projects in their communities will thrive better by cutting down on miscellaneous advertising or printing costs.

We hope that through this article we have assisted you find a cause to help nurture and grow. And if you have not decided yet and would like more information on human rights and anti human trafficking you can find out more about Generation 414 and take a journey with them on their website. We would also like to congratulate Generation 414 for being a semi finalist in Project Inspire an initiative program by UN Women.

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