She Inspires Me - Podcast Interview

This was an interview for the last episode of Season 2 of "She Inspires Me", founder of Generation 414 Christine Teo was interviewed by Caroline Brunne.

In a challenging yet incredible episode, Caroline chats with Christine as they discuss the complex and astonishing facts around the sexual exploitation and abuse of children in and out of the human trafficking space, the work that is being done to create safety for the victims, and the hope that lives in survivors.

They had a really honest conversation about Christine's personal story and her drive to want to make a difference in the lives of children. The world can be a complicated place, but we can continue to make it just a little bit better.

Though it is a hard one to listen to it's also one worth investing time for.

Hope to hear your thoughts after listening... xoxo





  • Audrey

    Wow Christine,

    You are an amazing lady. What an awesome podcast. I’m so inspired by you. You are truly God sent to make a difference. Be blessed.

  • Patricia

    Thank you for sharing Christine,

    I have just heard the entire podcast. While the topic is, as you say, hard to listen, you sounded committed, vibrant and full of hope and love for humanity.

    Fantastic work Christine. Very well done.

  • Jasjit

    Hi Christine,

    I heard it this evening, it is very well done and super-inspiring as well as informative. I would love to at some point hear more on the details of how Generation 414’s work and how you think about the business as well as impact model has evolved over the years.

    Keep up your amazing work, and sharing love with the world, you are such a cool role model too!

  • Abi

    Just wanted to say you’ve always been an individual who’s so awe-inspiring, you’re like the female version of Job to me and there’s no one else I know who’s fought so hard in terms of faith and keeping rooted with God- bless your heart, my love!

    God won’t fail you and He’ll take you from strength to strength and from blessing to blessing! You don’t have to do what you do but you do it and it’s wonderful you’ve made that choice and you play such an important role in providing the opportunity to those who never saw that chance before hun – that’s not just magic, it’s something so indescribable that you serve the world and make an impact that way – all I can say is thank you.

    Thank you for being a beautiful marvellous joyful awe-inspiring brave individual 💖 love you! ❤️

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