How human trafficking works - told in four minutes. What can you do about it?

This video was made by MTV Exit earlier this year. In four short minutes provides a sobering overview of how human trafficking works. As of today 30 Dec 2015 there has been close to 1.8 million views on Facebook. So what does what does 1 million views and counting tell us? That the video production is brilliant? Yes but more importantly, that it clearly strikes a chord within us. The reality of modem day slavery is not an issue that is far away in a third world developing country. It happens every day in our own backyard. Are our eyes and hearts open wide enough to notice what is going on around us or are we too consumed with our personal lives and too preoccupied to notice?

After working the anti-trafficking sector and working alongside the survivors of extreme trauma and sexual exploitation, the reality of trafficking in our day horrifies and compels us to respond. This is significant. The anger, the indignation, the “I’ll shout this from the rooftops”, the "something must be done!" response are energy for action. 

But action to what end? You may ask… 

The short film leaves the viewer with a question: Now that you know, what are you are doing about it? That question, of course, precipitates another. One viewer put it this way: “This doesn’t provide me with any information about how to solve it”. 

Is there actually anything we can do?

Trafficking in persons is a horrific, lucrative crime. It rightly repulses us. We need to stand together and be the voice of the 27 million people who are trapped in slavery around the world today. In brothels, in factories, in mines, on street corners, in homes, hidden in the shadows whose cry for help cannot be heard.

So back to our video’s question: Now that you know, what are you going to do about it? 

Speak up. Share. Retweet. Post. Prompt. Petition. Absolutely. 

Get informed. To find out about human trafficking happening right here in Australia, visit Anti-Slavery Australia to read more about trafficking in Australia or or a global overview of the issue. 

Engage for the long haul. Victims of injustice don’t need spasms of passion. They require relentless advocates. Be one. Commit to being a generation changer. 

As unpopular as this may sound coming from a non-profit, put your money where your heart is. Contact us to find out how you can get involved or find another non-profit working on anti-trafficking initiatives that you are passionate about. We will be happy to help direct you to where you to organisations that support areas and causes you want to be involved in. 

Now that you know, ACT.

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