Our founding story

Founder Christine Teo

Generation 414 was birthed out of the anguish of founder Christine Teo.
Specialising in women studies, trauma  and abuse issues, Christine is a qualified counsellor and social worker. She is a human rights advocate passionate about abolishing injustice and advocating for social change. 
During a tour through Asia, one summer break, Christine was brutally confronted with the way local women were callously treated by male tourists. At night, streets were lined with high-school aged girls and children selling their bodies for cash. Christine was often approached by male tourists and mistaken to be a woman in prostitution during her visit, because of her Asian descent.
Christine was firstly infuriated by the situation but upon reflection, realised just how fortunate she was to be able to leave that hopeless situation at the end of her summer holiday. It dawned on her that many were not as lucky. Christine knew the statistics : that currently there are 27 million people trapped in slavery around the world today. Trapped in brothels, factories, mines, in homes and on street corners, they are hidden in the shadows with no voice, no future and no hope. 
In response to this dismaying experience, Christine flew back to Australia to conduct some further research. She then spent a year travelling to various trafficking hotspots globally; working with anti-trafficking organisations to learn all she could about the issue. She learnt that girls were often driven into the sex trade or sold to human trafficking syndicates due to extreme poverty. And more than 50% of rescued victims end up in the brothels again in less than two months, as they have no other alternative ways of making a living to provide for their families.
Being an Asian herself, she has resolved to be the voice for those whose voices cannot be heard. She is determined to help girls in Asia become financially independent. Her hope is to provide dignified employment and personal development opportunities to women who seek an alternative to the sex industry.  
Christine then gathered a few passionate like-minded friends, told them about her dream and together Generation 414 was born. Christine’s envisions that through Generation 414, consumers will become a generation which will make a stand against the exploitation of children and women. 


  • Melissa DENT

    Wow Christine, thank you and how can I support your work?

  • MIchael PHillips

    Great work! Christine

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