Australia Modern Slavery Act 2018

45.8 million people worldwide are believed to be victims of modern slavery, including 15,000 Australians.

Businesses with turnovers of more than $100 million will have to report what they are doing to stamp out slavery in supply chains after legislation got the final tick of approval in parliament.

The House of Representatives approved amendments to the draft laws which were raised in the Senate, giving the minister the ability to send companies a please explain if they fail to report.

The Modern Slavery Act will help ensure the goods we buy are slave free. We cannot continue to allow the often-invisible victims of modern slavery to be stripped of their freedoms.

The products the victims produce are found in the supply chains of Australian and international companies that provide the food that we eat, the clothes that we wear and the consumer goods we use.

Too often we are tempted to think of slavery as a relic of the past. But the truth is there are millions of people today held in slavery, and that includes in Australia.

Introducing accountability into the supply chains of large organisations will go a significant way toward mitigating the scourge of modern slavery.

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