🔥 Australia Bushfire Disaster Appeal 🔥

Record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought have fuelled a series of massive bushfires across Australia.

The fires, burning since September, have intensified over the past week. More than 1500 firefighters battle blazes across Australia, where most of the fires are uncontained. Firefighters struggling against the strong wind to secure nearby houses from bushfires.

Twenty people have so far been killed - including three volunteer firefighters - and about six million hectares (60,000 sq km or 14.8 million acres) of bush, forest and parks have been burned. An estimated 500 MILLION Australian wildlife have died in the fires.

Tens of thousands of holiday makers fled seaside towns on Australia's east coast on Thursday amid advancing bushfires, as military ships and helicopters began rescuing thousands of others trapped by the blazes.

More than 50,000 people were without power and some towns had no access to drinking water.

The bushfires that are currently raging over our nation and many friends from around the world have messaged to ask if we are ok and if there was anything they could do.

We have been asked to pray. We pray for rain. But what else can we do in the meantime?


Generation 414 is wanting to make a difference.

For the month of January, 100% of the proceeds from sale of any products from our webstore will be donated to the Australia Red Cross.

The Australian Red Cross is supporting communities affected by fires in NSW, QLD and SA. Their specialist emergency volunteers are providing psychological first aid, working at evacuation centres and helping people to get in touch with their loved ones.

Our goal is to raise $1000 to give as a lump sum payment to the work Red Cross is doing on the ground for families and communities affected by the fires will you partner with us to help make this happen?



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