Walk for Freedom Melbourne 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Walk for Freedom?

A: Walk for Freedom is our global fundraising and awareness event, rallying tens of thousands of people, taking millions of steps, in hundreds of cities all over the world. We walk to disrupt the existence of slavery, shaking its very foundation with each step.

It’s an outward expression of A21’s inward desire to see slavery abolished everywhere—in our cities, in our communities, and in our world. One step at a time and one dollar at a time, we walk and fundraise to see a world without slavery. 

Q: When is the Walk?

A: Walk For Freedom will happen on 19 October across the globe! To register to participate in a walk here in Melbourne, please visit Walk for Freedom Melbourne. You can even register on the day of your local walk if you would like. Make sure to contact your local walk host for more details. You can contact them by visiting the walk’s event page on our website when searching for a walk near you. Please also check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest event updates.  

Q: What is the route for this year's walk?

A: Please refer to map below  

Q: What is the date for next year's walk?

A: October 17, 2020   

Q: What is the hashtag I can use?

A: Our hashtag for Walk For Freedom is #WalkForFreedom. Easy enough! This is the hashtag that the A21's social media team will be searching when looking for pictures to repost. Be sure to tag @A21 on Instagram & @A21Campaign on Facebook and Twitter. 

Q: Is there food at the walks?

A: Every walk around the globe is different. In Melbourne, we are hosting a Feast for Freedom after the walk. Proceeds from the feast will be donated to A21's global anti-trafficking efforts. To RSVP for the feast please visit Feast for Freedom  

Q: What if the weather is bad?

A: Rain, hail or shine, we are determined to Walk For Freedom. However, in the case of severe weather warnings or cancellations you can expect an email from us. Please also check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest event updates. 

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: There is no age limit on who can participate in the Walk For Freedom! At A21, they believe that anyone can be an abolitionist and make a difference. So bring your kids and be inviting everyone you know to be a part of your local walk.  

Q: Do we have to wear bandanas or tape over our mouths this year?

A: To honor concerns and feedback A21 received last year, we will not be wearing bandanas or tape at our walks moving forward. We ask that all walk hosts and participants refrain from wearing anything that covers their mouths. However, we will still be highlighting survivor stories from different regions through various media platforms. We're still making it personal by walking for the victims in our own cities and fundraising to impact lives around the globe. 

Q: Are pets allowed to participate?

A: For the safety and well-being of all participants, we ask that no pets or animals (with the exception of service animals) participate in the Walk For Freedom. 

Q: What should I do if I think someone is being trafficked?

A: As always, if you SEE something, we encourage you to SAY something. The best thing to do is contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline in your country. If there is no active hotline, please contact your local law enforcement. Click HERE to see a list of hotlines in the countries A21 is operating in.

Source: A21 FAQs